Our team renders services for outsourcing of routine tasks for VFX studios and post-production studios
Our experts with long-term experience will undertake the fulfillment of your tasks under the approved Terms of Reference.

Since we accept only proven freelancers to our team, we can optimize the cost of works and guarantee the high-quality and quick result.

Our managers support each project at all stages putting emphasis on cooperation with the Customer on the brief to ensure the exact match with the Customer’s vision.

Our expertise

- Rotoscope & Keying (removing background behind the objects)

- Cleanup (deleting objects, video cleaning)

- Tracking (camera and/or object motion capture)

- Tech compose (technical assembly of the scene for further color correction or adding of CG)

- Make-up (removing wrinkles, veins, dark circles)

- Other post-production works upon request

Our Showreel
Our software
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Premiere Pro
- The Foundry NUKE
- Mocha Pro

Our basic rates by types of work

(the final budget of the project is coordinated with the Customer upon receipt of the brief depending on the complexity of works and the status of the source material)

Rotoscope & Keying
Removing background behind the object
from 15 USD/s
Deleting objects, video cleaning
from 15 USD/s
Camera and/or object motion capture
from 15 USD/s
Technical assembly of the scene for further color correction or adding of CG
from 30 USD
Removing wrinkles, veins, dark circles
from 15 USD/s

- Transfer to a crypto wallet

Contact us

Tel.: +7 (931) 224 32 92

E-mail: outsource@pascalvideo.ru

All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.